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EnergyFamily wins Magenta #TUN Award for sustainable innovations

Simply great! Our goal is to get people excited about energy communities. The idea of an online tool that makes setting up and managing energy communities simple and intuitive convinced the jury of the Magenta #TUN Award. We are delighted about the prize money of 50,000 euros.

Creating good things together, making an important contribution to the energy transition, and making the world more sustainable and better - that's what founder Lukas Prenner set out to do when he founded EnergyFamily in 2022. Now, a little more than a year later, the idea and all the work has been honored with the prestigious Magenta #TUN Award. As part of the 4Gamechangers Festival in Vienna, we presented ourselves in a live pitch to the jury and the audience and convinced them.

Sustainable at many levels

The jury around former EU Commissioner Franz Fischler was particularly impressed by the many levels on which we support sustainability. After all, anyone who sets up an energy community with EnergyFamily not only saves money, but also CO2 and thus makes a contribution to climate protection. Moreover, in addition to economic and ecological aspects, social aspects are considered either: energy communities also offer the opportunity to use green electricity to all those who cannot afford their own PV system.

Energy community as key to sustainable future

"We are overwhelmed and very proud," says Lukas Prenner, founder of EnergyFamily. "We strongly believe that energy communities play a key role in promoting renewable energy and creating a sustainable future, so we want to make it as easy as possible to become part of an energy community ourselves."

The prize money will help us to implement our vision even more effectively.

About the Magenta #TUN Award

The award was launched in 2011 to promote sustainable developments and technologies. In 2023, the focus was on renewable energy projects. In this way, Magenta aims to promote startups and projects that use their innovations to develop solutions to environmental problems or promote sustainable action - all through the use of information and communication technologies.

In addition to EnergyFamily, there were two other exciting projects in the finals:

- Alveri offers an AI-controlled charging robot that provides an easy entry into e-mobility while saving costs.

- EET wants to enable the use and storage of green electricity with its mini PV system for balconies, especially in urban areas.

The final took place in the context of the 4Gamechangers Festival of PULS4 & ORF.


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