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The right solution - for YOU!

Everyone can benefit from sharing electricity - whether with their own PV system or without, whether private household, companies or municipalities.

We offer tailor-made solutions and in-depth specialist knowledge. Find out how YOU can benefit! 

Simply share electricity for...



Do you and your municipality want to know where your electricity comes from and would you like a secure, regional supply at fair prices?



High, fluctuating electricity prices are causing problems for your company? Do you want to do business efficiently?


Private households

Do you have a PV system on your roof that produces more than you use? Or would you like to use green electricity without your own system? 

energyfamily makes it easy - here's how it works:

Simply inform yourself - do you have questions about energy communities, would you like to know what GEA, EEG and BEG are all about and how you can benefit from them? Then let us know!


Just get started - register on our platform and get started, either by joining an energy communitiy or founding one yourself. 

Simply benefit - use green energy and enjoy fair, stable electricity prices and reduced network costs!

Simply energy community!

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