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Multiple participation starts - new era for energy communities

Starting April 8th, a new era for energy communities begins. From now on, multiple participation is possible. But what exactly does multiple participation mean, and what advantages does it offer to members of energy communities?

What is multiple participation?

Multiple participation allows consumers and producers to be members of up to five different energy communities simultaneously. This means that one is no longer limited to energy supply from a single community but can individually compose their electricity mix from various local, regional, and nationwide energy communities (including collective generation facilities, renewable energy communities, and citizen energy communities).

The advantages of multiple participation

This new flexibility offers numerous benefits. For consumers, it means the freedom to cover their electricity needs more targetedly and consciously. For example, one can decide to source part of their electricity from a local renewable energy community, while another part comes from a regional or even nationwide citizen energy community. This opens up the possibility to optimally consider personal priorities – whether it's regarding the origin of the energy, supporting local projects, or optimizing costs.

For producers of renewable energy, multiple participation expands the sales markets. They can now offer their self-generated electricity in up to five different communities, which not only increases their reach but also their income opportunities.

Key facts about multiple participation

  • Key term - Participation factor - Multiple participation is controlled via the participation factor. This determines the percentage share of the metering point in the respective energy communities.

  • Maximum 100% - The participation factor, or the sum of participation factors, must not exceed the maximum allowed value of 100%.

  • Changes once per day - The participation factor can be adjusted a maximum of once per day.

  • Who is responsible? Only the energy community itself can make changes to the participation factor.

What changes?

With multiple participation, primarily the way we think about the supply and production of renewable energy changes. Members of an energy community now have the power to actively decide on the composition of their energy mix and adjust it daily. This increased degree of flexibility and control is a crucial step towards a completely decentralized and sustainable energy future.

Heading into the future of energy communities

We are at the beginning of an exciting development and are eager to see how multiple participation will be adopted and implemented by the energy communities.

One thing is for sure: With multiple participation, we have taken another step towards a community-designed, sustainable energy supply.


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