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energyfamily as Austria's contribution to global AI environmental research

Amstetten, Athens - Last week, we embarked on an exciting journey: We were in Athens for the kickoff meeting of the international research project "Thinking Earth." This prestigious EU Horizon project focuses on the innovative use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) for environmental and energy issues.

As part of the research project, we collaborate with renowned partners such as the Technical University of Munich, NVIDIA, the National Observatory of Athens, the University of Valencia, and the World Food Programme. The project brings together expertise from a total of 7 countries in a common endeavor that pushes the boundaries of traditional research.

"Thinking Earth" considers our planet as a large interconnected system and aims to fully harness the potentials of Artificial Intelligence. New models are to be developed to enable a profound understanding of the Earth. To achieve this, advanced technology and specially designed computer programs are utilized, capable of learning and recognizing patterns. Thanks to these models, future projects addressing crucial ecological and economic questions can be realized.

energyfamily collaborates within the "Thinking Earth" project alongside StadtWerke Amstetten on a use case aimed at implementing an innovative energy management system for energy communities. This commitment underscores energyfamily's endeavor to be at the forefront of developing forward-thinking solutions for sustainable energy.

With a total budget of 3 million euros and a duration of three years, "Thinking Earth" sets new standards in research and development of technologies aimed at speeding up Europe's transition to clean energy, reducing dependence on insecure oil and gas sources, and understanding and mitigating the impacts of the climate crisis.

We are proud to be part of this exciting project as an Austrian startup and look forward to making a significant contribution to addressing some of the most pressing challenges of our time through our involvement in "Thinking Earth."


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