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EnergyFamily at the „DIY Energiewende Stammtisch“ in Amstetten

Simply.Energy communities! - That's what EnergyFamily wants to do. At the 3rd "DIY Energiewende Stammtisch" in Amstetten we explained how we want to reach that goal and how our web platform enables the simple and fast establishment, management and billing of energy communities.

The "DIY Energiewende" project has a clear goal: kicking off an energy transition that starts with the citizens. The exciting project was initiated by "Kooperative Nachhaltige Zukunft" - the graduate association of the University of Applied Sciences Wieselburg together with the MakerSpace Amstetten. With expert lectures, workshops and the regulars' table on topics such as sustainable energy production or energy saving, the cooperative wants to share knowledge in the community and create an open exchange.

DIY Energiewende Stammtisch Amstetten Teilnehmer und Organisatoren
Thumbs up at the 3rd "DIY Energiwende Stammtisch" in Amstetten. In the middle: Markus Wurzer from the "Kooperative Nachhaltige Zukunft", Energyfamily founder Lukas Prenner und Eva Zirkler from GDA. Foto: MakerSpaceA

The topic of the the 3rd regulars' table in Amstetten on 26 January were energy communities. EnergyFamily founder Lukas Prenner started his talk with the question "Why energy communities?" The advantages are clear: saving money, independence from international markets, sustainability and regionality are good reasons for energy communities. But why aren't there more of them yet? "This is mainly due to the open organisational, legal and tax issues, the many bureaucratic steps involved in setting up an energy community and the complex billing", explained Lukas Prenner. EnergyFamily is the solution, as the web platform offers the following:

  • Simply.Do: Energy communities can be founded, managed and billed with just a few mouse clicks using the intuitive EnergyFamily web platform.

  • Simply.Connected: A strong network with service providers from the relevant sectors helps to clarify all questions relating to energy communities.

  • Simply.Efficient: We are working on the optimised use of sustainably produced energy thanks to accurate prediction of production outputs with the help of satellite data and AI-based predictive energy management.

Finally, we looked at potential use cases for energy communities and how families, communities, businesses and EMobility users can benefit from energy communities.

Another exciting short presentation by Eva Zirkler from GDA (Gemeinde Dienstleistungsverband Region Amstetten) highlighted the "EEG, Climate and Energy Model Region Amstetten". Finally, there was time for exchange and networking over snacks and refreshments.

We are happy to have been able to attend the 3rd "DIY Energiewende Stammtisch" and thank the organisers for the invitation!


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