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OeMag Rate

Does your PV system produce more electricity than you use? Then you can sell your surplus to an energy community. But even there, not all the electricity is used. The rest is fed into the grid and either purchased and paid for by an electricity supplier or by OeMAG.  

Active supply contracts with the electricity consumer therefore remain active even if the customer is a member of the EC. If less electricity is consumed within the EC than is generated, the surplus electricity is simply supplied to the electricity consumer.  

Der aktuelle OeMAG Marktpreis

Entwurf Ömag-Grafik-4.png


4,655 ct/kWh

Preis gem. § 41 Abs. 2a iVm §13 Abs. 3 ÖSG; Die Berechnung erfolgt auf Basis des durchschnittlich mengengewichteten Day-Ahead-Stundenpreises.

What is the OeMAG?

OeMAG is the Austrian settlement agency for green electricity and subsidizer for green electricity plants. It is obliged to purchase and remunerate electricity from green electricity feed-ins. 

However, OeMAG does not make a profit itself, but acts as an intermediary and a kind of transshipment point for green electricity. 


OeMAG's market price is the current price for green electricity fed into the public grid in Austria. 

The OeMAG tariff plays an important role for energy communities (ECs) in Austria, as it serves as a reference for setting fair and market-oriented electricity prices:  


The OeMAG Tariff as a Guide to Fair & Attractive Electricity Prices 


The OeMAG tariff is a good reference when it comes to deciding what prices to set in the energy community. 


The Energy Community is particularly interesting for producers if the EC purchase tariff is higher than the OeMAG tariff. Once the purchase tariff has been set, the electricity price in the EC can also be set on this basis.  


As the OeMAG tariff is regularly adjusted, it reflects the current market conditions and thus provides a reliable reference. Accordingly, it may also be necessary to adjust the energy prices in the Energy Community to the market.

How does the OeMAG price relate to energy communities?

How is the OEMAG market price calculated?    

Since January 1, 2024, the OeMAG market price has been calculated monthly - in retrospect. Several factors are used to calculate the price:  

  • The average volume-weighted day-ahead hourly price on the electricity exchange (pursuant to section 41(2a) ÖSG 2012) 

  • The quarterly market price published by E-Control ( link: ). This quarterly market price defines an upper and lower limit for the OeMAG tariff:  

  • Upper limit = quarterly market price 

  • Lower limit = 60% of the quarterly market price 

  • Aliquot balancing energy expenses (set by E-Control, are 0 for 2024) 

Image by Nikola Johnny Mirkovic

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